White china tableware is classy

In the hectic 21st century, simplicity is in demand, whether it is related to the lifestyle, home decor or even the dinnerware. Plain white china tableware is popular nowadays, and you often see it in leading restaurants and hotels. They want to ensure that no matter how their colours and interior designs change and whatever the occasion, their crockery is classy. Food on white china tableware also allows for easy digestion as the tableware offers simplicity and calmness, important aspects when eating. The difference between bone china and porcelain and fine china is that bone china is lightweight, more delicate and translucent when compared to porcelain. Porcelain is heavier, prone to chipping and less expensive than bone china. People get mixed up with the differences between china and porcelain, but the two terms describe more or less the same product. Producing bone china is much the same as for porcelain, but bone china has one ingredient that porcelain doesn’t have – bone ash, and it is this which gives bone china its white colour and translucency.

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