Retro 1950s Tableware is Back in Fashion – and Here’s Why!

Have you ever heard your grandparents saying that things used to be much different and stronger at their time than now? There’s something good and reliable about products from yesteryear, and people want to get their hands on these quality items. Collectors of this retro tableware say that the tableware of today doesn’t have the longevity that the older pieces have – that the new stuff doesn’t have the lead content found in older pottery pieces. Certainly, 1950s tableware is in retro-fashion. This tableware is to be found in the many retro shops that are emerging, and today people are proudly displaying their tableware more so than it was even done in the 50s. Laura and Emma tableware are made from bone china, with designs and colours typical of the 1950s tableware. Emma features the wider pattern while Laura has the narrower oblongs within black markings. There’s no doubt that unique dinnerware from the past is in demand and the fun part is going on a treasure hunt to find it.

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