Modern tableware sets taking the place of fine China

Fine China losing its place at the dinner table is a reality. Fine china or porcelain hardened when fired in a kiln and was traditionally white in colour. Incredibly fine and delicate, beautiful fine china doesn’t quite have the same place it once did. There was a time, decades ago, when a bride-to-be would ensure a fine china tableware set in her trousseau. Today, however, modern tableware sets in attractive earthenware is the order of the day. These modern tableware sets are sought after because they’re available in a host of trendy colours, patterns and shapes, and as everyday dinnerware, and they are chip resistant. Modern tableware doesn’t come out on special occasions, it is used every day, and can go from the table into the microwave. Yes, fine china can transform a table into a beautiful showpiece, but now this fine china of yesteryear has been replaced by more modern styles of tableware, which if broken or chipped, can be replaced without any trouble.

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