Current Tableware Trends

Tired of looking at your dated table setting? Odd shaped plates have found a firm place on the dinner table, while unconventional, eye-catching porcelains are fast catching on. Here are hot, modern tableware trends that you can use to create an elegant dinner display that everyone will love. For starters, customise your table setting’s look with multicoloured, vibrant pieces that match the food you serve. For example, cheese is likely to look better in a big green bowl instead of a yellow one, since the cheese will stand out more. Did you know that the kitchen is the only place in your home where you can literally eat off artwork? Consider adding hand-painted and intricately designed custom plates that are not only beautiful but functional. While plates are traditionally round, there has been a rise in popularity of different shapes like triangular, square, rectangular or oval dishes. These are all available from boutiques to larger online stores like ED by Ellen, the result of the partnership of Royal Doulton and Ellen DeGeneres. The asymmetrical tableware is a visually arresting statement that will steal the scene at your dinner party. Tableware materials are also now much more varied – you are no longer limited to only china and porcelain. There are round metal plates that are durable and made of striking stainless steel, certainly topping this year’s tableware trends. Coloured or clear glass and eco-friendly wooden plates will certainly make a statement next time you have guests over for dinner.

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