• Current Tableware Trends

    Tired of looking at your dated table setting? Odd shaped plates have found a firm place on the dinner table, while unconventional, eye-catching porcelains are fast catching on. Here are hot, modern tableware trends that you can use to create an elegant dinner display that everyone will love. For starters, customise your table setting’s look […]

  • Tableware solutions for those delicate situations

    Tableware accents play a critical role in creating that ultimate dinner setting. Thus, it is crucial to buy those tableware sets that can spellbind all. Tableware solutions are made so easy today with the sheer variety of options. Temptation on a plate has never been so possible as today with plastic, high-end disposable tableware which […]

  • White china tableware is classy

    In the hectic 21st century, simplicity is in demand, whether it is related to the lifestyle, home decor or even the dinnerware. Plain white china tableware is popular nowadays, and you often see it in leading restaurants and hotels. They want to ensure that no matter how their colours and interior designs change and whatever […]

  • Meissen China: The first European hard-paste china

    Not many people know that Meissen China, the first European hard-paste china was developed by Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus from the year 1708. This china is indeed a work of art, with intricate hand-painted patterns. In fact, many pieces are individually hand-made for customers and connoisseurs, and Queen Elizabeth II received a Meissen porcelain chocolate […]

  • Afternoon Tea Tableware that will put Martha Stewart to shame

    Martha Stewart is an American business person and TV personality who is known for her remarkable range of successful business ventures. Of course, her name is also synonymous to trendy afternoon tea tableware, casual dinnerware, linen, and glassware. When it comes to tea time, this Kyoto Tableware allows the drinking of tea at another level. […]